Monday, October 17, 2011

Third Wave Coffee Philosophy

Today we continue our series looking at the three waves of coffee in the United States.

If you remember First Wave coffee is focused on getting coffee to the most people through, commercialsconvenience and consistency. It pressures people to drink coffee by highlighting the conventions.
On the other hand, second wave. is about getting coffee that pleases the most people. This is achieved by creating a cup of coffee that focuses on the consumer. Through customization, creativity, and community.

Third wave coffee is focused on the coffee and trying to get the coffee to be treated like a fine wine.
This is driven by crafting with care, culinary art,  and conceitedness

This is about getting coffee that pleases the most annoying people.
This is where I live and where Coffee Ambassadors lives, so don't be offended we implicate ourselves.

Third wave has done a lot of great things for coffee in the world, but the fact remains that in many ways the philosophy that drives much of third wave is a latent sense of superiority. The focus is not on the consumer at all, but on the coffee and the barista that makes it.

Below I have posted a video from one of our friends in the third wave. I really like the video itself, but I want you to notice a few things.

  • One phrase in the video that really shows what the philosophy of third wave is when he sets his methods apart says "most people who are preparing [espresso] don't give it [my kind] of respect."
  • Notice the personal pronouns. This video uses I and We a lot but doesn't use "you" at all except when he is describing what is "wrong" with the coffee.
  • Notice how he sets himself and his coffee apart from the rest of the coffee community saying they serve "a different kind of coffee then what most people are used to"


FIRST WAVE                           SECOND WAVE                      THIRD WAVE
Crafting with care
Culinary art

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