Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Look at Second Wave Coffee Philosophy

Today we continue our series exploring different "waves" of coffee. Last week we looked at some of the ads at the height of "fist wave" (Folgers, tasters choice etc) coffee consumption. They demonstrated a keen awareness of the power of CONFORMITY. Their power was showing people that they could be "normal" or "successful" if they simply had the right coffee.

 This week look at the philosophy of SECOND WAVE coffee (this is your typical Starbucks or Caribou Coffee). If you watched our video that gave an overview of these forms of coffee you will remember that SECOND WAVE coffee is driven by CUSTOMIZATION.

They focused on coffee that PLEASED THE MOST PEOPLE, not just that was made available to the MOST PEOPLE like we see in first wave coffee. To compare the two:

FIRST WAVE                                                       SECOND WAVE

I think that the ad for Starbucks highlights the driving force of second wave marketing.

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