Monday, October 24, 2011

Getting Coffee for a Large Group: Part 1

Last week my pastor had the bright idea that I would make coffee for some of the people at my church. I love making coffee, and so I loved the idea. They were having a meeting with about 50 people or so in attendance, so I thought to myself:

"how can I make good coffee for all these people with the inconsistent, unreliable equipment at the church?"

The solution I came up with was to bring a bunch of my own equipment (along with some of our whole bean Coffee which I purchased for the church), and make each cup individually. It look a lot of work, but at the end of the day it worked really well. Everyone got what they wanted: a great cup of coffee, and a lot of fun learning and talking to each other.

Thinking back on the experience I thought that it points to a big hole in the coffee world: Large Group service structures for coffee.

A church is a place that generally has a HUGE need for a ton of coffee ONE HOUR a week. Churches aren't the only places that have this kind of demand bubble. Any organization that hosts large events knows the difficult of supplying coffee for these sorts of things. Most places can't afford the kind of equipment required to make quality coffee on a large scale so they have to explore other options.

Many groups resort to using options that save them money but wind up making the coffee so bad that I sometimes wonder why they bother at all.


In the next few weeks I will be exploring ways you can get GREAT coffee to your group without breaking the bank.

Having quality coffee is not impossible for anyone. With a little bit of work and creativity you can bring new life to any gathering with quality coffee. Stay Tuned!

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