Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Brew Methods: Clever

People often wonder how they should make coffee at home. There are literally dozens of different methods of brewing coffee, and each one has it's advantages, disadvantages, and particularities. This week I would like to talk about a brewing method that we think of as one of the best ways to brew.  Introducing: the Clever.

The Clever is a neat little device that steeps the coffee until you place the whole dripper on a cup. The cup triggers a valve to open allowing the coffee to pour into the cup. This allows you to control the steep time, and gives you the ability to create a cup of coffee that has significant body, without loosing out on having good clarity.

There are lots of ways people make Clevers. Each way highlights a different aspect. Today I would like to post how our sister store Ipsento does it. If you are using our coffee this is a good place to start, since Ipsento uses Coffee Ambassadors' coffee too! If you are interested in how other people use the Clever, let me know and I'll post some other parameters.

1. Heat:  Pre-Heat the filter as placed in the Clever with hot water.
2. Weigh:  Measure out 21 grams of coffee, grind on a slightly courser setting than the traditional pour over brew method.
3. Pour/Stir/Lid:  Boil water and let it sit for 15 seconds (reaches 206F), Start the timer and begin pouring 360 grams of water over the 21g of coffee, give a slight stir during pour and cover with a plate.
4. Stir/Drop/Stir/Lid:  Once the timer reaches 1 minute and 10 seconds stir the coffee then at 1:15 place on top of your pre-warmed mug and stir again and replace the plate.
5. If your grind/water temperature/coffee freshness and quality is correct then you
should have an excellent cup of coffee in around 3 minutes total. Some coffees will
do better with a finer or coarser grind, and of course the water chemistry plays a
huge factor in the whole brew ratio.

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  1. Yay! CA has a blog! I didn't know that, exciting!!
    I have never seen/heard of The Clever but it reminds me a little of when we brewed/steeped coffee for iced toddy at GJ because it was in a big filter like this and it steeped overnight to remove the acidity. I think that's why iced toddy coffee is my favorite, very mellow.
    I use to love using a bodum, but I don't like how cold the coffee got so quickly. :/