Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Coffee and Thanksgiving

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, which means lots of turkey, lots of tryptophan and a carbohydrate-rich meal that increases the level of this amino acid in the brain and leads to serotonin synthesis (in other words you are going to be sleepy!)

This is why there is no better time to break out some coffee!

I would personally recommend stopping by and picking up some of our Honduras, it's a clean and rich coffee which will go really well with everything from cranberry sauce to pumpkin pie, and you can tell all your in-laws the great story behind the bean!

At Thanksgiving there are plenty of other uses for coffee too. Here are a few ways you can make coffee a part of your thanksgiving all day long.

  1. Darken your Gravy
  2. Make a Coffee Gravy for your mashed Potatoes
  3. Make Coffee Pumpkin Pie
  4. Glaze your turkey with a Maple-coffee sauce

Do you have any other tips on how to make this thanksgiving buzz this year?

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