Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Traditions: Kenya

This week we continue our series exploring the Christmas traditions of some of the countries that we have imported coffee from this year.

Today I'd like to focus on Kenya. Christmas celebrations begin early in Kenya. People begin to visit their families a month before Christmas and there is a lot of travel out of the urban centers out in to rural communities. Most people are taking time off work at least once, or sometimes taking more then one vacation this month.

All this travel means that the busses are getting pretty packed since most people travel on busses!

Kenyans love to eat at Christmas. Chickens, sheep, goats and cows are slaughtered by the hundreds to prepare for the celebration. In you live by the coast you will have your fill of Pilau, which is a staple food in that region.

Whatever you're eating make sure you wash your hands! Kenyans eat with their fingers, rather then forks and knives!

As Christmas approaches people will begin to attend prayer services. It is common for people to even attend all night prayer vigils to bring in Christmas.

If you want to celebrate christmas like a Kenyan just remember these three things:

  2. FOOD
  3. FAITH
Merry Christmas!

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