Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cup of Excellence

This Sunday I'm headed down to Honduras for a week to serve on the jury for the Cup of Excellence. I'll be sampling and scoring more coffees than I can imagine over the course of the week. I've never done cupping at this level before. It's easy to distinguish between great and poor quality coffees. But, these coffees have already been through two rounds of sampling. So, I feel honored to be one among twelve other professionals determining which coffees are the most elite.

Portland Roasting does a good job of explaining how the CoE serves the farmer well in this brief video:

Attending the CoE is a great step for Coffee Ambassadors. It opens numerous doors for relationships with farmers who are working hard to produce a quality product in hopes of earning a good wage for their coffee.

I'm planning on paying our friends a visit at Rancho Ebenezer while I'm in Honduras as well. My hope is that in the coming years, their coffee will be recognized as one of the most elite in all of Honduras.

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  1. I heart cafe!

    Love your blog. I've decided you're my idol.