Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Our Weekend

This weekend we had the opportunity to visit Trinity Lutheran Church in Lisle. Tim was invited to share briefly in each of their four services. It is always an exciting opportunity when we are able to share the vision of Coffee Ambassadors with a new group of people. We will soon be partnering with Trinity Lutheran as their coffee supplier.

It was exciting for us to learn of a special connection that the folks at Trinity Lutheran have with our growing partners in Honduras. They have gone on several trips to support the same organization we partner with in Honduras. Many of you may not know the story of Rancho Ebenezer or the work that goes on there. The coffee plantation was started to support a home for at-risk children and youth. The coffee we purchase from them directly supports the work they are doing with the children. Between 2008 and 2009, Coffee Ambassadors has taken four origin trips to Rancho Ebenezer for coffee development and education. We have seen great improvement in their crop over the last year and are very proud of the work they have done. We purchase their green coffee and have it flown in from Tegucigalpa to Chicago, where we roast it to order. (Rancho Ebenezer also roasts their coffee in Honduras under the name Cloud Forest Coffee.) If you would like to learn a little more about the children of Rancho Ebenezer, please visit here.

Our Honduras coffee is our lightest roast. It is bright, with a complex body, clean citrus fruit flavor notes, and a graham-cracker finish. It is delicious. Order some here.

If your church, school, or office is looking for a coffee supplier or interested in learning more about the difference our commitment to relationships makes in our sourcing practices, please let us know.

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